Pharmacy Services

Empowering the pharmacist. Everything you need to virtualize your Pharmacy



Whether a customer has an unclaimed script or is due for a refill, telehealth provides pharmacists with a personalized way to connect in real time

  • Patient counseling
  • Drug therapy monitoring
  • Refill authorization for the prescribed drugs
  • Reduce costs, improve coverage (across all shifts) and increase quality without compromise while putting the emphasis on patient and medication safety
  • Hippa compliant, safe, secure and private
  • Prescription verification, and patient counseling to a remote site
  • Easily integrate your current systems to create a seamless and efficient flow of information


Pharmacist-to-Pharmacist Consultations

Local pharmacists can quickly videoconference with a remote specialty pharmacist to address questions or concerns

Live-video patient counseling

Before prescription medication can be dispensed to a patient, they can speak with the pharmacist via our live-and-interactive video calling session. The remote pharmacist will have access to all necessary patient information, including medication history, readily available during counseling.

Our telehealth and medication adherence platform can help traditional pharmacies open remote dispensing locations with a virtual pharmacist where it is convenient for your patients. This leads to better access and a better patient experience.

We empower you with an intelligent treatment adherence platform that delivers predictable health outcomes through improved compliance, remote patient monitoring, and treatment analytics.

Receive Treatment and Get Better

  • Create your secure account, then log in for a webcam consultation with your medical provider
  • After the consultation, follow your personalized treatment plan. If your provider wrote an e-prescription, purchase and pick-up the prescription at your local pharmacy

Medic On Demand App Available

Download the iOS app from your iPhone and use Medic On Demand software, Search for the best doctors for your temparory and permonent medical treatments. Its easy, download now!. AVAILABLE ON STORES