Patient Services

Medic On Demand helps you get better faster, no matter where you are or what time of the day


Care. Virtually. Anywhere- Anytime

Access Medic on demand from your Smart phone or your computer.….Get an accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment plan and get better quickly

Better access

Feel better faster with a quick diagnosis & a personalized treatment plan

See your own provider

If they are not available MOD can connect you to our quality first highest rated providers selected after a strict credentialing process

Save money

Pay less per visit than most insurance co-pays and walk-in clinic fees. With MOD, you can connect with a medical provider online and receive personalized treatment

Pharmacy at your door step

When medically necessary, our providers can e-prescribe certain medications for purchase, pick-up at your local pharmacy

Receive Treatment and Get Better

  • Create your secure account, then log in for a webcam consultation with your medical provider
  • After the consultation, follow your personalized treatment plan. If your provider wrote an e-prescription, purchase and pick-up the prescription at your local pharmacy

Medic On Demand App Available

Download the iOS app from your iPhone and use Medic On Demand software, Search for the best doctors for your temparory and permonent medical treatments. Its easy, download now!. AVAILABLE ON STORES